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Black Tinted Tears

View at your own risk

Sri Sri, no-no.
Disclaimer #1: I am a fighter for equality and rights in general. One of the main ones is the right to practice whichever religion they choose to follow.
Disclaimer #2: I myself am a wiccan. I am not a Christian or anything like that.

Disclaimer #3: I do hate my city's government.
Disclaimer #4: This is half-sarcasm, half-criticism. But it's just an opinion, just like Sri Sri's followers are entitled to one. I do not discriminate them in any way. This is just my view of it all. I am entitled to my opinion, am I not?
Disclaimer #5: I don't fancy disclaimers... I'm not a disclaimer lover, I don't disclaim myself every minute of the day.

Okay, I think that pretty much covers everything.

This way for cursing, ranting, and overall indignation concerning The Art Of Living...Collapse )

Two recommendations for you all: Urban Dictionary and Kat O'Nine Tales.
Hello peeps!

So, I'm subscribed to UrbanDictionary's Word Of The Day, which means every day I recieve an email with one word and its meaning. If you don't know Urban Dictionary, you must be thinking "Wow, what a loser/nerd/geek", but trust me my dearests, I am not.

Okay, yes I am, but not because of recieving Urban Dictionary's mails every day and smile. It's for a complete different reason. I'm just a nerd, bookworm, and proud to be one.

Anyway, back to the main topic.

I discovered Urban Dictionary last year (the same day I discovered MLIA, but that's a different story), and I do not regret having subscribed to this. Every day, a new mail appears in my inbox with a random word, acronim or concept, its meaning, and a couple of examples.

Some of my favourites were:

Marriage: What straight couples have legally and commonly don't want, and what gay couples don't have legally and commonly want.

Irony in the first degree.

Laugh: A smile having an orgasm.

Dude1: Oh dude look at that smile it's totally orgasming 
Dude2: That's called a laugh...

Dubstep: the music that is created from transformers having sex

dubstep is the music that causes orgasms for all ages 10 and up

Legitimate Rape: Rape between one man and one woman who are not married or even acquainted; the only rape sanctioned by the Republican Party.

"Was it legitimate rape, or was it just like, hilarious prison rape or acceptable acquaintance rape?"

Reverse Cock Block: A repulsive individual that you typically encounter at a night club that makes aggressive advances towards unwilling women. As a result, the girls start clinging to you, and leads to a hook up.

Those guidos were so grinding up on every girl at Webster Hall. A cute girl gravitated towards me and we ended up hooking up. Who would have guessed those creeps would have been a reverse cock block.

Boner Pants: noun. Pants that use tough fabric (jeans, khakis) and constantly look like said wearer has a boner. Jeans show this the most, especially whilst sitting.

Mom: Wow, Jimmy, looks like the new boner pants are doing their job! 
Son (blushing, covering pants with shirt): Yes mom... uh, they sure are.


Anyway, these are just some of them. You can look up anything in Urban Dictionary and have a bit of smile orgasms. I strongly recommend it.

In other news, yesterday I found one of the epicest (is that even a word?) blogs ever! It's called Kat O'Nine Tales, and it just hooked me up right away. I even decided to get a "Writes like a slut" shirt. Kat is extremely funny and blunt, which makes everything all of the more hillarious. Like the time she decided to get a brazilian wax at a Jewish Comunity Centre, or the time she realized she turned into Gollum when visiting Victoria Secret. If you're able to, please check out her blog. You shall not regret this either! Unless you have some issue with foul language, alcoholic beverages, drunk people, waxing and some other girl-stuff, and whatnot. If you don't, please be my guest and visit her blog. She's amazing!

I leave you all with that small homework: check out those two sites and comment below what you thought of them.

*This one reminded me of Ryan: "Keith, does this look weird?"

Partying in Argentina.
So, since my buddy Tyler asked me to write about partying and more specifically in Argentina, I come here once more to flood your Friend Page with some info about my beloved country.

Well, here people start going to discos around the age of 12. We call them boliches, by the way. Boliches are divided according to ages:

Matinés are the only boliches who have their special name. They are for kids between 12-16 years old, approximately. They begin at 20:00 and close around 23:30. No alcohol is served. They are not much fun, to be honest, but it's the only thing we have available when kids.

The second grade, let's say, of boliches, are the +16 ones. They are for kids between 16-19 years, approximately. No alcohol is served in them either. They are quite fun, if you find the right ones. You can go in a bit wasted/high though. From this category onwards, the boliches open their doors around 00:00/01:00 and close around 07:00.

The third grade is +18 boliches. These are amazing. You can get booze in all of them, and they quite frankly ROCK.

The fourth grade is the +21 one, but I have yet to visit one, as you might've guessed.

There are no two boliches exactlly the same. The music they have is different almost always. In some you'll find crappy rap, in others amazing rock, others are exclusive of tecno, others of pop... You have gay boliches too, and boliches for seniors. You have boliches with strippers, boliches which hold shows or host DJs... You have too many options. The best idea when going to one of them, is to ask for advice as to which you should go to. It depends on the budget and the interests you have in mind.

Boliches aren't the only option for partying though. As in every country, we have bars too. There are special zones where you can find a wide variety of them concentrated in a few blocks, and they are generally near boliches too.

We also have a quite awesome St. Patrick's, and whenever it's a free day, we tend to do some partying too. (If you want to read about partying in St. Patricks for us, go here.)

This is just a small description of the most popular options when going out. I tend to go to both boliches and bars, quite frankly, or maybe concerts. Whenever we go out, though, the plan is to get as wasted as possible. Therefore, we drink like maniacs. Plus, when at a boliche, the main target is to kiss as many people as possible or get as many phone numbers as you're able to. Without seeming like a whore. There's a fine line, and it is drawn a bit darker by rejecting a coupl of them (hint, hint!). 

In any case, this is just the system for partying in Argentina. I shall write some anechdotes soon enough.

How's the partying system where you guys live? :)

Some days ago, I was Skyping with my friend Rach and we decided to watch a movie together. Since another friend of mine, Jules, had recommended me to watch Wilde because she knows how much I love Stephen Fry, we decided to look it up (what a quest that was!) and watch it together.


Just one friendly warning: this is the story of love prevailing in spite of sex and throughout the time and the different storms it meets. If you don't fancy gay couples, maybe you should skip this one. Oh, and there's also some nakedness and overall sexiness! (I wish I knew how Stephen didn't get constant boners...)

Anyway, enjoy if you haven't seen it, watch out if you're an homophobe, and I hope you liked it as much as I did if you already saw it. I'd be more than happy to read your comments on it too! What did you guys think of it?

The Sparkly Building - ImprovStory in 30'!
So, I decided to create a game and a possible repetitive event in the future: to write an improvised story in half an hour with suggesions the guys from the WLO chatbox gave me. The suggestions are: "The Sparkly Building" and "History Teacher". Now, I have half an hour to write a story. I hope this works out! :D

It's now 12:36.

This way, for improvised craziness!Collapse )

OKAY! It's 01:06, and I'm done writing! :D I hope you guys have enjoyed it! I'll do this sort of things quite often, I believe. I had a LOT of fun, and I hope you had some fun too reading what my crazy brain created for you! :)

Peace, and out.

NOTE: I took ten more minutes to check spelling and whatnot, but the story remained unchanged.

Make her love you 101
One of the questions that guys ask me the most is "What the hell does a girl want?!" Well, guys, believe it or not we're all quite simple.
Read the answer here....Collapse )

I'm not exactly sure who I'm writing these posts for anymore... All I know is that it helps me unload everything that's on my head and more. And I like it. I've never been able to keep a journal or a blog, but somehow I've had this blog for almost a year now and I'm rather constant with it. I'm glad, because I love having a blog.

What makes me blue is that I don't generally know whether people read what I write or not (I guess that makes it more of a journal than a blog). I've always wanted to write for a living, and I thought that keeping a blog was the first step. I wish I was as popular as some great bloggers and writers out there, because I like sharing what I write. One of the worst thigs that can happen to a writer is to not having an audience.

I've been thinking about applying for my local newspaper as a columnist or something. Maybe an interviewer? I don't know. But somehow, it'd make my day. I'd be writing for a living, and I'd be writing for someone. Maybe I can even apply for the Buenos Aires Herald, the local newspaper that's completely in English for those who want to practice the language or those native speakers who come here and want to read the news. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this idea.

Anyway. On another topic, I'm on holidays for the rest of the week, so yay! This means lots of writing, guitar playing (or trying to play), Whose Line watching, and overall having fun. FINALLY, the holidays are here. I ceased the first few days by meeting friends and chatting with them after such a long time of being locked up in my appartment studying.

Today, for instance, I was goung to have my friend dye my hair dark brown, but instead I'm just going to go to my friend's and have some mate and cookies and just have fun overall. I'll leave the hair dyeing for another time. So many changes! I've started practicing wiccanism as well, for the record. I'm so happy!

Oh, and one more thing: I grew tired of the Twitter posts on my blog, so I'm deleting them. But since you have to do it one by one, it's going to take some time before only the things I wrote appear on it. So, please bear with me for a while.

Okay, with nothing left to say, I salute you all with a huge "au revoir", a smile, and a hug. See you around, whoever you are!

First of all: Hi, Stephen! *waves* you're a good stalker xD

That being said, I think I should write something a bit more profound after such a long time.

Here comes the bomb...Collapse )

Feel free to skip this. It's just me "thinking aloud", so to speak. I need to pour my heart out somewhere.

:(Collapse )

I am not doing this because I want someone to cheer me up. I got brokenhearted last night, and I needed a place to rant.

Make no case of this. I am sad, and I am hurt, and I am bitter. Collapse )