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Black Tinted Tears

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That Time Of The Month (03/08/2013) - Happy Women's Day!
Well hello, this is Euge, and this is TTOTM again. Today is the 8th of March, International Women's Day, so this TTOTM will be thematic for just that.

Euge - This day never realy meant much to me before. When I was in primary school, the 8th of March meant a speech about the women who died for their right to be equal to men. It's just that I did not understand gender inequality just because it doesn't make sense. Now that I finally get what this is all about, I couldn't be prouder of those women and of all the other women that each day risk their lives to fight for what we deserve: gender equality.

Another anechdote in relation to this is that once, after the speech, some boy in my brother's class asked their teacher when the men's day was, to what she answered, "Every other day."

Naty - I think that the fact that my family has always been left-winged might be an important fact when it comes to defining myself. I am a feminist by heart, a fighter for equal rights, an open-minded gal. When it came to Women's Day, however, just like Euge, I wasn't entirely aware of what was going on, and what "all the fuss" was about. As I grew older, the story was told to me in greater detail, to a brain mature enough to understand. I realised then that what I had thought was that way from the beginning of times (women working, wearing the same clothes as men, voting, doing what men were allowed to do), was actually something that had been obtained by incredibly strong women, some of whom had died for their cause.

We tend to forget, however, that this day isn't about the middle-class white woman in her thirties alone. This is a day for every woman out there, and that includes trans* women, black women, asian women, latin women, poor women, women in prison, disabled, fat, elderly women, rich women, baby girls, etcétera etcétera. This is not about one sort of woman. This is about all of us women out there. Every girl, woman out there, no matter their nationality, status, sex, complexion, age, or anything of the sort, deserves a "Happy Women's Day". Because we are all women, and those women who died in that factory, Evita, Alexandra Kollonta, Simone De Beauvoir, Rosa Luxemburgo, and so on, set an example for those who followed, and it is our duty as human beings to follow their goals, reach the ideal world we so fervently wish for.

I believe, though, that one day isn't enough. I believe, like the teacher said, that men have every other day of the year for them, and that women should have them too. I believe this day should disappear, once we achieve the equality we deserve. I believe we should never be embarrassed or think of ourselves as lesser to men. I believe we are all people. Men, women, children, the elderly. We are all people, whichever gender, sex, orientation, we have, however we think, whoever we are, we are all people. We need, as people, to be united. We need to spread equality, to embrace what we have and push for what we lack. And maybe, like that, people won't kill themselves, they won't be frightened to bring children to this world. Because a world that is equal is a beautiful world. I don't know if I'll live to see my dream become true. But I sure trust one day it will.

Thank you again for reading us, guys. Happy Women's Day, and may your rights be recognised every other day as well. ♥

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