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Black Tinted Tears

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That Time Of The Month (11/08/2012)
Hi there readers! First of all, a HUGE apology for not updating in so long (almost a month!). Life's been weird, hectic, and busy, all at once. Plus a lack of blogger inspiration. AND the now current NaNoWriMo making me stress over the freaking word count, which I'm quite behind with, to be honest.

In any case! I shall redeem myself with another edition of That Time Of The Month!! Wooo! Say hello to Euge, please!

Today, in honor of last week's holiday, we shall talk about Halloween and costumes! Oh, SPOILER ALERT! :P

Naty - I must say, Halloween isn't a holiday we cellebrate much in Argentina. We don't go trick-or-treating, we don't put on costumes and go out that same night if it's in the middle of the week, and we don't eat our weight in candy -- something that should happen more often in my opinion. No. We just have parties in the weekend generally, with drunken people having popsickles in costumes, or sometimes when in primary school or kindergarden we wear costumes for English classes.

Now, dressing up is something I love doing. Especially when it involves make up. If you want to throw a party I just feel like I have to go to, then make it a costume party. I've been to them dressed as a doll, Frankenstein's monster's wife, and a gipsy among many others. Now, the best one I ever dressed up as was Daphne, the one from Scooby Doo? Yeah, that one. And my friends went with me as the rest of the gang. Our Scooby was a stuffed plushie, and we even had our Scooby Snacks box (a box of cereals with a paper glued to its front that had the name on it. It was amazing.

As for my worst costume? My oh my. I'd have to say elf for the Wizard Of Oz's schoolplay. Yeah, I don't remember there being any elfs in the Wizard Of Oz either. But apparently the version my teachers read had tons of elves and unicorns. Basically, I had a green shirt and shorts, sneakers, and a green hat. And that was it! No ears, no make up, no wig. BUT, we were the ones who helped Dorothy go back home in an air balloon!!

Oh, what teachers are capable of doing to have a part for every kiddo. I was Elf #2, biatches! Respect me! All hail the second dwarf of the group!

Euge - Since I was 5 until about 7th grade I used to dress up for the halloween party of my aunt's english institute. My mom used to plan the costumes for my brothers and for myself. At first she was full of ideas and very willing to do it, so the 2nd year I dress up as a spider, but the catch was that my 2 extra pairs of hands were attached with some sort of invisible string so when I lifted a hand the others would also rise. I could even hug people with all my 6 hands. It was great. Needless to say it made a huge success, I won all the prizes (yeah, I know, you probably never heard of prizes in halloween, but here in Argentina we have a way of making our own version of everything, becuase we are too cool for ordinary halloween). But year after year the ideas started running low, it got to the point where the last year I went dressed up as a freaking SHOWER, shower brush and everything, yeah, I know, you must be thinking how is that even possible? a ring over my shoulders with a shower curtain arround me and a shower cap. So next time you see a bad halloween costume remember: it could be worst, your shower pictures could end up being hung for almost a year in your classroom, so nobody can EVER forget about you being a shower.

Which were your best and worst costumes? I saw a girl dressed as a tampon. Can you guys top that off?

Very RyCol Halloween!

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Haha we rarely do Halloween here either. Parties are a rarity, and trick or treating has only really been taking off in the last few years (so sadly being nearly 23 I missed it in my youth). This year I dressed up as Bride of Frankenstein to take Matthew trick or treating and I looked pretty damn awesome! :P

You can always use a kid as an excuse, dear! :P

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