That Time Of The Month (02/08/2013)

Only one day late! We're getting there, peeps. Maybe one day we'll be more regular and time our lives a bit better. In any case, I must admit this was my fault (Naty) since we were going to get together yesterday but ended up not doing so, thanks to my messed up timetable and fucked-up memory.

In any case, we come here with a topic that was prompted to us by the lovely people from #Innercircle (thank you so much, guys!), which is non-traditional relationships and sexual orientations in the media. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy this month's TTOTM. :)

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That Time Of The Month (01/08/2013) - WE ARE HERE, WE SWEAR!

Ah, it's refreshing to write on my journal again, and even more so to make yet another edition of TTOTM with lovely Euge. As for last month, we did get together. However, we didn't manage to write our TTOTM post entirely, ergo the lack of posts since. We apologize.

And now we are back, baby!

This month we will be discussing BBC Sherlock. Hope you enjoy it!

[Spoiler alert!]----> Euge discusses with us the very first episode of the series, and Naty the whole thing, back to back.

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Greg, Caroline

Why I haven't been on in a while, Nano's (lack of) progress, and how technology hates me

I could blame it on NaNoWriMo, I could say it was my crappy internet connection, I could say I've been studying, I could say it was my new boyfriend's fault, I could say it was lack of inspiration. Yes, the five of them played a part in me not updating my blog in a while or post any stories in the comm, for that matter. But, the truth is, the one to blame, really, is Tumblr. Once again, it has abducted me with its promises for a cool group of people who I talk a lot to, gifs, and Whose Line goodness, plus some writing challenges I had, fics, and lots and lots of Jeff Davis and Chip Esten. But, somehow, I always find my way back here to my much adored blog.

As for my NaNo novel, I gave up on the dealdine a few weeks ago. Now, I'm having three friends (Zuz, Sunny, and Kat) to look over it, tell me what they think, and brainstorm. I'm quite proud of it, really, since I hit the 18k mark and even though I have lots to go, I love where the story is going. It's a distopic and feminist novel, so I am not giving it up.

Classes finish in two weeks, too. So I'm going to be on much much more often afterwards, that is a promise. And boyfriend's a writer too, so he actually encourages me to write. He's a poet, but he still gets my need for a keyboard and a blank word document.

In any case, I'm back, baby!
And I'm currently wearing my brand new Writes Like A Slut shirt. You have no idea how happy I was when it arrived on the mail. I was so excited to win it in the first place, that when the mail man said through the speaker that he had a delivery for Naty, I bounced in joy. You should've seen the man's face when I squealed once I got the package in my hands. To say the least, I made a sound that would make a banshee shiver in jealousy as I ran to my appartment to try it on. It is SO pretty!! Thanks again, Kat, for mailing it all the way down here! I'm now a proud owner 
of this oh-so-very-defining shirt.

The MochriesIn other news, today is Colin Mochrie's birthday! (click the linkey; no regrets!) The man is a comedic genious, 
Canadian sweetheart, and an extremely inspiring person. His whole family is basically perfect. His relationship to them has raised my standards soooo high!

Which brings me to the second half of the title. Technology hating on me (I promise, it's gonna make sense in a bit). Well, it's no mystery to my dear readers/friends that my internet connection oscullates manbag. BIG time. I'm not even kidding here. If it rains, my oh my, we're lost. Internet won't work for days when it rains. And I'm not even talking about a big fat rain. If that's the case, internet's gonna be crappy for weeks instead of days.

Due to this, whenever I manage to get online for more than a few minutes at a time, everything's SLOW loading and sometimes YouTube doesn't work on me, or pages take longer to load than they should. Well, the good news is, we might be upgrading the Mb, OR change companies all together. Which is cool, because it would mean no more metallic noises when talking on the phone and a DECENT internet connection at least, a fast one at most.

What does this have to do with the amazing Colin Mochrie, Debrah Macgrath, and Luke Mochrie? Well,
#1: Col was a huge part of Whose Line. I have my Whoser Family who are always sharing links which I can never enjoy because of my crappy internet connection. Plus, some Whosers and I had a G+ hangout today watching videos together. It was fun, but my connection wouldn't hold on for long. Furthermore, the whole idea of a hangout began when I was hosting a Drinking Game I couldn't be a part of because my videos wouldn't load.
#2: Luke and Deb are not only comedians, but also bloggers. If I had a better internet connection, I could blog more often. And since I'm planning to begin a brand new blog on Wordpress with four other friends (do not fret; I'm keeping this one alive if it's the last thing I do!), yet in Spanish. It should be fun :)

Well, wi-fi isn't the only technological thing that hates me. My parents bought a Wii. I just danced the Time Warp in one of its games! In any case, my siblings and I made MAD points and we were uber excited, until we realized that, having never played with a console before, we had no idea how to save the game. My sister was even more lost than I was, so she gave me the remote... thing. Well, not the best of ideas. I went around the game three thousand times before my dad stepped in, took the remote from me, and saved the game with a few pressings of buttons. It was embarrassing.

And not to mention when boyfriend lend me his cellphone to call my friend. Oh my. It was a smartphone, and I almost reset the whole thing while trying to call her.

Usually, when being handed an electronic device, I don't tend to mess up much. Even more, I've always been technologically-friendly, a gadget addict, and so on and so forth. Bus for some reason now I just can't touch a remote control without setting the TV on fire. I'm gonna blame the internet on this one, because what else could screw us up, huh?

That Time Of The Month (11/08/2012)

Hi there readers! First of all, a HUGE apology for not updating in so long (almost a month!). Life's been weird, hectic, and busy, all at once. Plus a lack of blogger inspiration. AND the now current NaNoWriMo making me stress over the freaking word count, which I'm quite behind with, to be honest.

In any case! I shall redeem myself with another edition of That Time Of The Month!! Wooo! Say hello to Euge, please!

Today, in honor of last week's holiday, we shall talk about Halloween and costumes! Oh, SPOILER ALERT! :P

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Very RyCol Halloween!

Random life updates and nonesense, plus a reminder.

Let me tell you all that this was one eventful week. I promise you, it was as eventful as the 20th century. Long story short, so far this happened:
  • I met my friend Deb for vlogging. It went awesome, and we already recorded the first ep. We're editing it now.
  • I met my friend Morena for song-writing. We brainstormed. A LOT.
  • I signed up for a course that's gonna save me from giving the oral exams I was gonna have to sit for.
  • I had a huge fight with my ex, to which we ended up not even being in speaking terms; he deleted me from facebook, insulted me, and behaved like a douchebag. No, no pity for me, guys, please. I'm better off, and I insulted me just as much. :B
  • It was both Greg Proops and Jeff Davis' birthdays!!
  • Greg emailed me his thanks for my birthday wishes... 
  • I almost fainted when I saw the email.

There was also one huge thing that happened that I'm wanting to tell you all about, because I'm still flailing, hyperventilating, and grinning just by remembering it.

Remember the blog I recommended you a few posts ago? The one called Kat O'Nine Tales? Well, this gorgeous blogger made a giveaway not too long ago (about three weeks ago) which consisted in doing some stuff online to get more chances of winning both a shirt that she designed, and free publicity. I did almost everything, and let it be. The thing is, I never checked the results because I never really win anything I like, and my life made a 180° turn. Plus, I never got the email saying she had uploaded the blog with the winners. But when I go to her blog again to read the latest entries, I see in the last part of the last entry that she said it was a pity the winner for the contest hadn't replied to her, so she was giving the prizes to the runner-up. My eye started twitching. I ran to the previous entry, scrolled down, and surely THERE IT WAS! The name of the winner. MY name. I froze in place for a few seconds, and then flailed some, cursed a lot, felt the need to break something, got teary-eyed, cursed some more... And then I took a deep breath, calmed myself down, looked for Kat's e-mail adress, and sent her an apology and said I hoped I could win something next time and actually see the post where it says I've won if it ever happened again, but that it had been a couple of crazy weeks. I wasn't expecting for her to reply, but she did.

I want to stop here and tell you all how much I worship and adore this woman. I know I've never really talked to her, but her blog's amazing, and what she did for me... Wow.

Okay, so, going back to the story. She replied that she didn't want to turn into one of those bloggers who forget that their readers are people with feelings and lives of their own too, so she had decided that she'd give me the prize anyway. The whole thing. Shirt AND ad. As I read the email, my eyes grew to the size of plates. I started hyperventilating, and squealing... I'm only thankful no-one else was home, or they would've worried, since I was unable to form coherent sentences or even talk at a normal speed. I even called my friend Deb, because it was the same day we were going to record the vlog, and she asked me a few times to slow down, take a deep breath, and stop flailing.

It was one of the best days ever!!!

Okay, on a random note, remember tomorrow's That Time Of The Month again, guys! The second edition of my and Euge's co-blogging shall take place, so we hope you'll all like it. See you all again tomorrow!

In which I talk about my mom's paybacks and how much I love my friends.

Lately, my relationship with my parents has been having more downs than ups due to my personal dslfwsjdifnfsd-iness over the months. And earlier this morning, I realized something funny about the day after my parents and I have an argument: my mom has her own way to take revenge and "punish" me for pissing her off. And she strikes right in my weak spot.

I hope you're not thinking something like "HOLY SHIT, her mom hits her/ties her up to a chair/doesn't let her go out/locks her up/gives her a black eye/takes her to the dentist" because guys, to be honest, I do feel like I have one of the best moms in the history of mankind, even if we have our disagreements.

In any case, what my mom does is attack my sensitive spot: my laziness. Yes. Believe it or not, the day after we fight my mom always leaves me a list of chores I must get done by the time she comes back home from work, and all Hell breaks loose if I missed even ONE of the thousand things she asked me to do, which means another argument and a more extense list awaiting for me on the table the following day. Which happens more often than not, unfortunately, because sometimes it means leaving the house, and I'm more of a vampire, and my memory is utter shit.

My mom, every time.So, for one person whose laziness is a majour characteristic of, and whose memory sucks, and whose laziness is a majour characteristic of, and who wouldn't leave the computer if it weren't because eventually she has to pee and stuff, and whose memory sucks, if you want to make them suffer, leave a list of chores. 

Because let's face it, getting a hitman to physically do so (and 
making them just hurt them in order to make the person reflect on what they've done) it's too expensive and too much of a hard work. So my advice to everyone out there who has had an argument with someone is: leave a long-ass and very-detailed-in-the-most-unimportant-parts-but-vague-in-the-most-important-ones list. They will weep and ask for your forgiveness. Believe me, it's happened to me before.

Unrelatedly speaking, I have amazeballs news! You know how I've been ranting and wondering what to do with myself, and playing with the idea of becoming a comedian? If you don't, check any of my posts from last year/earlier this year, or this one (previous post). So, long story short, I've had two different friends ask me to join them for a comedy duo in the last couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, my friend Morena told me she had been thinking quite seriously about something. We were texting, and she stated out of the blue: "I love the way our voices sound together, and so I wanna start a singing duet with you!" my reply was, of course, "Okay, I was not expecting that, but thishastohappen!"

We talked about it and decided to get together some day to plan out what we wanted to do. We wanted to write our own songs, and one night I found myself thinking about the theme we could have for our songs, and asked her whether she had a particular favourite. Her response was "Comedy, of course". I knew I had found the right friends.  

So I linked her to Stephen Lynch. Not only did she love it, but also we're planning to do songs like his.

And that is how I found my first comedy partner.

The second one was a bit odder. For some reason, my friend Deb (A.K.A. Carolina) and I began talking about videologgers while we were out looking for a bar last Thursday night, and apparently it left her thinking too, because she stated last night: "I've been thinking." I was about to congratulate her for doing so every once in a while, when she went on talking. "Wanna start a videoblog with me?"

I was so not expecting that. If I had been sitting, I would've fallen off my chair, but I was sprawled on the couch. So, wide-eyed and smiling, I replied "LET'S DO THIS!"

She said she wanted it to be a comedy vlog, and for us both to be protagonists of it. Unfortunately, it's going to be in Spanish, so I'm afraid none of you will get much of what we talk about. I'm sorry. Maybe one day we could make an English edition...

Anyway, with both of my friends, we're still plotting what our respective duets will be about, and we're going to see what we can do out of it.

Morena shall be kidnapped by me this Friday to start writing the songs out too, and she was already given a heads up about it. Maybe we'll bake a pie in the process. We'll see. If I don't get back to you guys around Monday, it's because we've burnt down my appartment trying to bake or we've died of food poisoning.

I'll talk to you whenever we have news, now it's time for me to get back to the god-damn chores. Later, y'all!

Edit (26/09/2012): Deb's coming over to my place tomorrow to begin vlogging... or rather planning our vlog xD YAY! Can't wait! *bounces in her seat*

Jeff - Say whaaaa

That Time Of The Month (FIRST EDITION EVER - 09/08/2012)


You may be wondering why the excitement. Well, it is because my best friend, Euge ♥, and I decided last month that we would make every 8th of every month "our" day. We have to get together every eigth day of the month, it doesn't matter whether we have something else to do: WE are a priority. This is our second "Ourniversary" (the title is a work in progress), so as I was showering yesterday to meet her, I thought: "HEY! What about blogging together each month so that we have something fun to come back to when we grow old and alzeheimerous?" So, I asked my dearest Euge, and she said "LET'S DO IT."

Therefore, we come before you with the very FIRST edition of our monthly post which shall be called from now on "That Time Of The Month", and in which we shall tell you stories about ourselves or each other or some other random stuff that we believe you, my beloved readers, will enjoy.

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